Our Story

Using my global travel as a muse and relevant experience in the food industry as a spark, BLINK was launched in the humblest of beginnings back in 2011. Till then, chocolate bark was most often pre-broken almond bark in white, milk or dark chocolate. BLINK was borne for those seeking tablette sized, unbroken sharing planks of chocolate with high quality topping arrangements in sleek, upscale, classy and fit for a gift packaging. 

Each bark is meticulously hand-crafted from start to finish with thought, care, intimacy and affection that is not felt in chocolate that is mass-produced. The resulting tablettes are unique, often quirky and unique to you the buyer. 

Go ahead, grab some friends and family and break into a signature BLINK chocolate bark today. Enjoy!

Kyle                                                                                                                                                                                               Owner, BLINK chocolate